Wheedle what?

Guaranteed New Customers

When you team up with Wheedle, you’re only investing in buyers that want to spend. The focus of creating a Wheedle Daily Deal is getting people through your door and building your customer base. With our massive network of consumers looking to spend, we deliver you new, paying customers and you have the chance to keep them coming back again and again. Everyone wins… you get new customers with no risk, and our users get to try the best of what you have to offer at a fantastic price.

Here at wheedle we say… “Smart Business is Good Business”

We understand how difficult it is to get new customers through your door each day because we’ve been in your shoes. By featuring your business on Wheedle, thousands of eager users will be exposed to your products and services, and the unique package we’ve helped you put together. Wheedle gets people out and about the city, educating and motivating them to try new places and new things they might not have otherwise thought about. Wheedledeals.com is the smartest way to catch the attention of new customers, and get them into your business because it’s guaranteed to work, gaugeable by the number sold, with absolutely NO risk to you. Wheedle is always looking for new and exciting businesses to partner up with and feature in our spotlight, so if you want new customers, then contact us at info@wheedledeals.com, and we’ll do the rest.

Penny-wise Marketing

Wheedledeals.com is a marketing machine and promotional service for you, the retailer. The ‘Wheedle Daily Deal’ is the hottest advertising tool these days, as your product or service gets noticed by thousands, and you get guaranteed paying customers driven into your business. This is the fastest-growing marketing tool world-wide, estimating that over half a million people a day are opening their wallets to this fast buying method method in America alone. Business small and large are realizing that traditional advertising such as TV commercials, radio spots and printed advertisements are expensive with unclear results. Partnering up with Wheedle costs you nothing upfront with guaranteed results within 24 hours.

Huge Exposure followed by Influx in Sales

This is why businesses truly love partnering up with Wheedle. Not only do we provide enormous exposure to your business from the Wheedle Daily Deal and across other social networking sites, but Wheedle also musters massive numbers in sales in as little as 24 hours. Thus creating strong word-of-mouth marketing long after the deal is done, giving you the ability to turn that energy we’ve created into new long-term repeat customers.

Unbeatable Word-of-Mouth Marketing

It’s almost impossible to beat the power of word-of-mouth marketing – information spreads rapidly when people have a fantastic experience and then share that experience to their peers. Our users love to tell their friends about Wheedle deals even more than the average person out there, Because they are largely made up of foreigners living in Vancouver, wanting to be recommended the next best thing they should do, eat or buy. So your Wheedle Daily Deal will spread like wild fire across the web through avenues like Facebook, twitter, email and MSN, as our customers share it with their classmates, other foreign friends and colleagues, exposing your packages to thousands of eager new customers, on the constant lookout for where they should spend their next dollar.

Absolutely Risk-Free Marketing and Promotion Vehicle

Unlike other marketing and promotion avenues, you pay nothing to be in the Wheedle spotlight. We only get paid when you get paid. Wheedle collects the payment from it’s users up-front and within a few days we’ll cut you a check based on the amount of deals sold, minus our percentage for doing what we do… get people to spend money on your product. Our guarantee is straight out simple: you get new customers, or it’s free! Now you can’t go wrong with that… Join the Wheedle team now… and start the push!